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about taxforum

We provide a fully South African service to assist you on tax at home, but away from home, in association with @Wegkaner by Hugo van Zyl 

We guide expat South Africans and new immigrants focusing on one tax event at a time.


There is no new financial emigration process, don’t be fooled by the egg on their face proponents of financial emigration. The only legal option has always been to cease to be a tax resident the correct way aka as #taxmigration. See our page or send us an email to an expat (at)

FACT:  your formal emigration status has been nullified – your funds are back into a normal ZA Rand bank account, you can again regain online banking access but ala, you most probably have to once again and afresh apply for the tax emigration and tax good standing process. Oh, #financialemigration proponents did not tell that?  #RIPFinancialEmigration

Yes, BEFORE you approach your retirement fund administrator, ensure your tax status is correctly reported as no longer tax resident in South Africa. Need help? Why not contact us 

In essence, we are indeed your passport to tax and exchange control peace of mind.

But that is not all we do!

Speak to us about:

  • Voluntary Disclosure Process to correct your tax returns (VDP)
  • Notice of Objection or Appeal – you feel aggrieved? We can assist 
  • Review of your eFile profile to ensure SARs has the correct tax status on record?
  • Tax training, lectures and tax motivational speeches and presentations. 
  • DTA or Tax Treaty support – we can work adjacent to your new tax filers in the new tax home.
  • Re-uniting expats with their ZAR and foreign inheritances 
  • Helping @Wegkaner #Saffas to externalise their funds and or businesses
    • in association with Currency Assist, we the JV partner in Cape Town
    • in association with RandTangle, we provide formal emigration options and solutions for the select few, those who really qualify and or may benefit from the process

email us at hugo (at)